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“Thank you for the product. I am using it in the city and it’s amazing, my life hasn’t been this quiet since I was born. As an Asperger with hypersensitivity, thank you!”

“Used them during Lowlands Festival. The adjustable noise settings are ideal for large festivals like these. Especially when every stage has different volume settings.”

“These analog noise-reducing earbuds helped me with my anxiety.” THE NEXT WEB

“I’d consider them a very nicely designed and executed piece of gear.” NEW ATLAS


Step 1

Clear sound

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How to use Knops

Please check out these 5 short videos before you start using Knops. They will immediately bring you up to speed on how to use Knops in the right way. It ain’t for nothing that we Dutchies say “A good beginning is half the work!”

Fit Your Style

Whether you are looking for silence, want to tune down the city around you or enjoy music. Knops is there to fit your style. Switch between the different situations to see how Knops can help you out:

Select your style

Our product is available in different materials and colors. Click on the different options in the animation underneath to compose your perfect Knops.

Material Options


Ring material







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