Who are we?

Knops is developed by a young start-up company based in Amsterdam. A group of creative minds joined forces to create the first analog adjustable hearing solution that is adaptable to every situation. From festival to construction work, from train to airplane, from concert to exam, from business life to city life.

We discovered that earplugs are lowering sound all the time, most of the time with worse quality than our own natural hearing. You constantly have to unplug and replug earplugs, for a situation where sound levels are lower, or you need to communicate with your friends. Knops enables you to easily switch between different volume levels by turning the ring. Also with their design focused on hiding the plugs, they communicate that you do not want to show these products to your surrounding. With Knops we created earplugs that enhances your style.

We are constantly surrounded by noise. And we are constantly distracted. With Knops you are in control of the amount of volume you want to receive. By wearing Knops you help create awareness of the growing problems of hearing damage and noise-related stress.