• The Knops hearing solution ships worldwide.

  • Yes, however, the shipping costs depend on the country the product will be shipped to.

  • We ship 1 working day after you place your order. It depends on where you live how long it will take to deliver your Knops. You can find a PDF file with the minimum and maximum working days it takes for your order to receive arrive to you here. You can also download the PDF yourself from this page.

Buying and paying

  • On our own webshop and at Van Boxtel Hoorwinkels (Netherlands).

  • On our webshop

    We have five options: with Creditcard, iDeal, Bancontact / Mister Cash, PayPal, and SOFORT Banking.

  • Yes, you can buy Knops at Van Boxtel Hoorwinkels (Netherlands).


  • Well, it ain’t that hard! We created five short videos to explain the use of Knops to you.

  • No. The Knops hearing solution is a fully analog and acoustic device, that doesn’t need batteries or other electronics. You can use Knops all the time without worrying about dying batteries.

  • This version of Knops will not support playing music. But we do have plans to develop a version that supports playing music.

  • The Knops hearing solution is designed to reduce volume by 10dB, 16dB and 21dB (decibel levels are indicative, the final product decibel levels may differ slightly from these indications).

  • Yes. Because of the volume button, you can instantly control your volume. So you can open up the volume and talk.

  • Yes. You can control the volume independently with the volume button on each ear.

  • We have done a lot of testing to ensure quality of fit across a wide range of ear sizes, so we are confident Knops will fit almost everybody.

  • Yes, you can use Knops at the firing range. Just make sure you adjust them to the fourth setting whilst shooting so you have maximum protection (21 dB).

  • The Knops hearing solution is designed to reduce volume across the frequency range. Which helps prevent the development of tinnitus and hearing loss. That being said, it is not designed to help with existing tinnitus other than preventing further development of tinnitus.

  • No, Knops is ergonomically designed to stay snug inside your ears. With the help of the plug, the shape of the base and the little zeppelin shape at the back of the base knops will stay inside your ears no matter how much you jump or how fast you turn your head.

  • They weigh less than 10 grams a piece, so around 20 grams per pair.

  • No cancellation with electronics, instead we use natural acoustic resonances to tune and acoustic friction to dampen sound waves. Knops does provide similar results to noise cancelling technology, as it allows you to lower the volume in multiple steps. The last step is great for isolation.

  • Knops uses multiple tuned acoustic filters. The filters use natural acoustic resonances to tune and acoustic friction to dampen. This means that real-world sound is filtered, the same quality is being kept and the volume is reduced depending on the volume level you use at that moment.

  • Yes! We have designed a high-end hard cover case that comes with every ordered Knops.

  • Yes, you can clean Knops. We don’t use corrosive materials, therefore it can be exposed to water for cleaning. We will add a cleaning guide with Knops for the exact details. Also, we produced a video on how to clean Knops. You can clean your comply foam tips in the same way as you can wash your eartips.

  • Yes, Knops can help you a lot. Knops enable you to turn down the volume of your environment in multiple settings to your liking (0 dB, 10 dB, 16 dB and 21 dB). This way, Knops can remove noise and lower the volume of loud sounds.

  • We actually didn’t develop Knops for sleeping specifically. That said, we don’t see a problem wearing them while sleeping on your back. We didn’t test Knops for sleeping on your side, so we cannot comment on how comfortable they will be if you are sleeping on your side.


  • Are you interested in selling Knops in your (online) shop? Please send us a message on

  • Yes, you can place a large order of Knops, for example for your company. Please contact us on and we will help you out.

  • We are always open for cool collaborations. Send us an email on to see if we can work together.


  • Then we will do everything we possibly can to help you out. Please send us a message on Is the complaint about an order? Please attach the order details.

  • Of course that is possible. You can find a lot of information on our press-page. Are you looking for more information, would you like to review our product, plan an interview with (one of the founders of) Knops or something else? Please drop us a line on and we will help you out.

  • You can do this through our website. In the footer of our webshop, you can find the enroll link. Also, when you are purchasing a product, you automatically enroll in the newsletter.

  • At the bottom of the newsletter you receive, you can unsubscribe.


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