How to use Knops

We made five very short videos to bring you up to speed on how to use Knops the right way. Want to maximise attenuation? Read more about Comply Foam tips and where to get them here.


Comply foam tips

Knops are in default delivered with a silicon ear tip (shown in picture beneath this text). However, we recommend also buying a set of comply foam tips (small, medium and large). This ensures that you have the perfect fit for your ear canal. The comply foam tips are made out of memory foam that is 30 times softer than standard silicone rubber earphone tips. Thanks to the extreme adaptability of the memory foam, superior attenuation, and a flexible core, comply foam tips create the perfect seal in your ear canal. In combination with Knops, there’s almost no sound you can’t handle. Interested in more information or do you want to buy them? Here you go!


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