The same Knops quality for a sharper price

We believe in a world without hearing trauma and stress. Our stylish adjustable earplugs help you filter out sounds in 4 different settings with one simple flick.

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The Knops Eco

Meet our ‘new’ product, the same high-quality Knops offered in a more sustainable and economical way. Better for the world and better for your wallet! So, here’s what differentiates Knops Eco from ‘regular’ Knops:

  1. New, unique letterbox packaging
    The Knops Eco packaging fits through your letterbox. This results in lower shipping costs, lower packaging costs you don’t have to stay at home to receive your Knops
  2. No additional foam tips
    In order to lower the price more, Knops Eco come with regular silicon tips only

And that’s all there is to it! Get your pair of Knops delivered right on your doormat for a sharp price and start controlling your volume, right away.


4 Filter settings

Whether you want some peace of mind in a busy train or want to save your ears from hearing damage, Knops’ four settings have you covered with decibel filtering from 0-21dB.

Prevent hearing damage

The world’s a noisy place in which you have to protect your hearing. With Knops, you’re ready for everything, from city noise to live shows. Just give your Knops a flick!

No batteries

No need to worry about running out of batteries. Knops are fully acoustic, so you’re always protected from loud noises with Knops. Enjoy silence anytime, anywhere.


Ugly earplugs are a thing of the past with Knops. Protect your hearing, enjoy the silence, and look stylish as hell while doing it with your favourite colour combo.

User experiences

Control your volume!

Sometimes places are just too loud. Like that club where the bass is blasting or those infuriating people screaming into their phones on the train. Get some peace of mind with Knops. Need some focus? Isolate yourself with setting 4. In a bar and finding your surroundings a bit too loud? Filter them out with setting 2 or 3.


The first high-quality product that protects your hearing in style.

We’re here to protect your ears

Knops are real lifesavers. Each pair of Knops has four steps. Adjust the Knops to step one and you will hear what you hear without plugs. The real kicker enters the stage when you switch to the other three steps. Step 2 will reduce the volume to filter the noise of a vibrant city, step 3 will adjust the volume to a live music setting, and step 4 will create a silent environment ideal for work. Four different modes for basically every audio situation.