Knops® hearing products have 4 settings. Be aware that different volume levels and the actual situation require different amounts of protection. A healthy hearing lifestyle requires you not being in loud noises/environments for too long. Knops is not responsible and therefore does not accept any liability for hearing loss or hearing damage, or any damage you might get while using or not using our Knops® Products.

Check our Website to see the general guidelines of which situations and environments require which amounts of protection. In general, everything above 80 db in volume could be harmful to your hearing. Therefore, be safe, and use Knops® Products when necessary. However, even when using Knops® Products, there is a possibility to suffer from hearing loss or hearing damage. If you go to a club where the music is very loud, even with Knops on the highest level of protection (21DB – position 4) the music could still be too loud, and you could still walk away with hearing loss or hearing damage. Don’t use Knops® Products as an end all solution where you pay no more attention to your own personal welfare. You are responsible for your own ears, your own safety and wellbeing, and the way you position yourself in and deal with sound/loudness.

Knops® Products can be an addition to those choices and a healthy lifestyle, but even when you use Knops® Products in the required manner, you can still suffer from hearing loss or hearing damage. Knops can never be held responsible for any damage that incurs while using or not using Knops® Products. The ear is a strange body part, and while there is a lot of research being done, we don’t know exactly how and why people suffer hearing damage, hearing loss and tinnitus. Therefore, you can never pinpoint an exact certain cause of it, and we as Knops never claim that you can be totally safe in any environment just by wearing our Knops® Products. Your ear and hearing remain your responsibility and yours alone, at all times. Knops® Products should be fitted, adjusted and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the fitting instructions are followed carefully.

Knops® Products should be regularly inspected for serviceability. In case of damage please use a new plug. If the instructions mentioned in this flyer are not adhered to the protection afforded by the earplugs will be severely impaired. Knops® Products are re-usable and are best cleansed in lukewarm water. Knops® Products may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Further information should be sought from the manufacturer.
Knops® Products are best stored in a dry place at room temperature, ca. 20 degrees Celsius. Knops® Products are made from ABS, PTFE, Silicone and also contain Metal parts (the ring on knops is made out of metal). The nominal size range of the Knops® Products is 9-11.

Warning: Sudden or fast removal of the earplugs out of the ear canal may damage the eardrum.

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