If You Have These 16 Traits, You Might Be Highly Sensitive

9 Mar '2018 Sound

Being highly sensitive is perfectly normal: about one in five people are highly sensitive persons. Are you one?

If you feel like you are easily overwhelmed by things as bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics, it could be that you are a highly sensitive person. And that’s perfectly fine.

Do you recognize yourself in the 16 characteristics described below?

Are you an HSP?

1. You feel more deeply

2. You react more emotionally

3. You hear “Don’t take it so personally” or ‘Why are you so sensitive?” a lot

4. You prefer to exercise solo

5. It takes longer for you to take a decision

6. You’re more upset than other people when you make a bad decision

7. You care a lot about details

8. You’re not necessarily an introvert, although there’s a high chance you are

9. You work well in teams

10. You’re more prone to anxiety and depression

11. You get annoyed by loud sounds

12. You hate violent movies

13. You cry easily

14. You care about being well-mannered

15. You have trouble dealing with criticism

16. You hate an open officeSo? Do you recognize yourself in this? Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. But it could be important to realize what you are and how to deal with that. There has been written a lot about being HSP and maybe it’s worth it for you to read something. Doctor Elaine Aron has been writing about highly sensitive people since decades, check out her website to read more.

And please, realize this: you’re normal. There’s nothing wrong with being like this; in fact, a lot of people are like this. Yes, there are some negative sides, but there are also plenty of positive things!

If you think or know you’re an HSP, please tell us about it. We’re very interested in your experiences and would always like to hear your opinion. Thanks!

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