3 Apps That Help You With Your Tinnitus

29 Mar '2018 Sound

Tinnitus is awful and it can seem there’s not really a lot you can do about it. Luckily, we live in the age of technology and there are some apps that can help.

The ear buzz of tinnitus can be extremely annoying and really screw up someone’s daily life. There are different kinds of apps that help for tinnitus relief. Some produce sounds that drown out your tinnitus with all kinds of different sounds, others offer relaxation techniques.

1. Track Your Tinnitus

With this app – which is available for iOS and Android – you can check how your tinnitus is related with your daily activities. The buzz may be more or less noticeable at certain points during the day. Track Your Tinnitus helps you with remembering when it was worse and when it was better, and also keeps track of that for you.

2. Tinnitus Relief

This app (also available for iOS and Android) is specifically designed to relief you of your tinnitus. There’s a lot of information about the condition, ‘describing what tinnitus is, how common it is, possible causes and what might make the condition worse’. Plus, there are some relaxation techniques that help you with dealing with tinnitus. According to the makers of Tinnitus Relief: “The more you do the Tinnitus Relief exercises, the easier you will find it to relax, and your tension and anxiety will recede. You will be able to concentrate better and a serene, positive mindset can take root”.

3. Relax Melodies

While it is not specifically designed for tinnitus sufferers, Relax Melodies does help a lot for the condition. With the app, you can create your own, well-relaxed melodies, combining over one hundred sounds like rain, melodies, binaural beats and white noise. Available for iOS and Android.

Do you use other apps that help you a lot? Let us know!

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