Food for thought: The 5 key tricks for ultimate productivity

13 Nov '2017 Life

Are you a flexible brain worker, living off your creativity and focus? Fat chance you sometimes struggle with reaching your full potential as it comes to productivity. As a worker in the new era, we know you face special challenges. Here are 5 tricks to create the best circumstances to make the most out of your workday.

The 5 key tricks for ultimate productivity

1. Air & temperature

Of course this all depends on what you are used to, but in general, studies show that people who have to work in a chilly environment make more mistakes. The best air temperature to focus in is about 22 degrees Celsius: a great excuse to turn up the heater a bit. Too warm isn’t good either, so try to keep up this perfect temperature, preferably with an abundant supply of fresh air.


2. Sounds

It’s a common view at offices and shared working spaces: headphones for everyone. With the ‘study and concentration’ Spotify-playlists on so we can seclude ourselves from people talking, that loud drill outside and the noises created by others. Even though we love music, music works distracting, especially music with lyrics. New studies show that for the new era creative worker, silence is the best.

So if you really want focus in a crowded space, earplugs are your best friend. And if you can’t live without your beats: take a 15-minute break every hour to listen to your music. That is proven effective for your productivity.

3. Light

Studies show that working in dim and artificial light all day makes you sleepy and causes your cortisol level to drop at times that it should be high. Possibly resulting in more stress. So make sure to catch some daylight from your desk or go find some.

4. Surroundings

The Enrichers company does research on the ultimate working environment. They find that diversity around you is great for your creative brain. So not an empty desk space with a parking lot view every day, but different textures, views, places. A versatile scenery makes the brain work better.

5. Food

Your output is also a product of your input. Some food gives your brain that extra boost. For instance, a solid breakfast with oatmeal, banana, and blueberries is full of nutrients that are good for your brain functions and will get you kickstarted. A shake or salad with beetroot and spinach is very good for your memory, and if you add eggs or salmon, you get some omega 3 fatty acids that also do their work on your memory and mood. True food for thought!

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