The most annoying neighbour noises

12 May '2017 Life

When you are living a vibrant big city life, with all its advantages, there’s also a big chance you live in an old house. And many of those are -rustically- equipped with cardboard walls. And ceilings.
Bye privacy, hi neighbours! You might not know them so well in person, but oh do you know what they sound like. 

Its often not clear what they are actually doing -although this vid makes it very clear, suddenly- and often its way too clear. Ehm. And it drives you crazy from time to time. Noisy neighbours. Here’s five of the most annoying sounds. Recognize any of these?


Of course walking around is a very normal way of moving yourself, but why do some people – always the kind that happens to live upstairs- stomp like a tyrannosaurus rex while crossing their living room? And I know you think your gf looks good on heels but that doesn’t mean you guys have to do steeple chase on that pretty wooden floor or yours, thank you.


Squeaking beds, moaning, grunting, the dry pats of little spanks and the sirens of orgasms. Sounds that are all cool, but not when you have the image of your beer bellied upstairs neighbour and his gf going wild imprinted in your mind. Don’t know what is worse though: hearing them get down ‘n dirty up to the ceiling and back, and realizing your sex life sucks, or realizing your sex life is brilliant they probably hear *everything* you do, too. Ouch.


There’s nothing wrong with a little party vibe now and then, but why, whyyyy does it seem for a fact that neighbours always come with a horrible taste in music. The Pussycat Dolls at 02 a.m.? Girl, please! YMCA? Aaargh…this is not a youth hostel, this is my own bed and i’ve a job to do tomorrow!


Ok, a part of being in a relationship means setting boundaries and stuff, but do you ever realise I can understand every every single word of what you’re screaming and I will now forever know your gf can’t stand your mom, and she’s coming over three times a week and still doing your laundry? And please, don’t ruin those pretty plates, thank you…



Oh how lovely are these little creatures. Until you have a full flock of them living above you. With their bone chilling cries, their hyperactive running up and down the stairs, jumping, fighting, shouting and other wild sounds. And did I mention the free alarm at 05.00 in the morning?


Silence, pretty please?

So, are any of those on your daily list, too? Spending nights awake with your eyes pinned at the ceiling? Longing for the next weekend your neighbours will be out of town? Since not all of us are country enough to move to the countryside or are fortunate enough to relocate to a new apartment block, or fully isolate our homes, there’s only one way to protect ourselves from these annoyances:
Ear plugs.
How amazing would it be if we had some kind of volume button on our ears to switch of these kind of unwanted sounds and create silence when needed? Knops are just that. Bye, neighbours.

Our Kickstarter campaign ended: this is what we’ll do next

Wow, we knew that Knops were something special, but this Kickstarter campaign has left everybody speechless. A dazzling 258,707 euro was backed by almost 3000 believers. Now what’s next? The Knops Kickstarter campaign has finished and what a ride it has been. Pre orders from all around the world, press, interviews, a lot of input too, from backers and interessees. A great confirmation of what we hoped, beyond any expectation. So now the real work starts. Knops designer Richard de Jong explains what will happen in the coming months: Improving and fine tuning “The initial amount we set on Kickstarter was