Another step closer to your pair of Knops

21 Sep '2017 Knops

As you may know, over the last months we have been directing all our energy and time in developing your pair of Knops. And now we have more news that brings us one step closer to reaching our end goal: delivering your pair of Knops!

Machines, baby!

What we are talking about? Well, we are happy to announce that the molds have been ordered. With these molds, your pair of Knops will be produced. How? Well, the following images show the machines that we will use to produce your product. Awesome, no?

This machine can form the main shape of the mold

We can polish the mold with this tool

With this equipment we can remove a minimal surface area of the upper layer of the mold

Pre-order your pair of Knops now

Over all, this means that we are still on schedule to deliver your pair of Knops in November. Great news, right? However, this is only great news if you have already pre-ordered a pair of Knops. Is that not the case, then you are not out of luck: you can pre-order your own pair of Knops here!

Dorm room etiquette

Dorm room etiquette: 13 rules for the dorm gentle(wo)man

We love to travel. Exploring the world's beauty whilst meeting new, interesting people, let's go. But, traveling is not all roses. When traveling on a budget, for example, it is hard not to sleep in dorm rooms. And these nights aren't always comfortable and full of sleep. That is why we propose a dorm room etiquette. Just to make everyone's life a bit easier. 1. Just say hello Let's start with common decency: giving someone a (warm) welcome when they enter your dorm. Especially when that someone has just arrived. You don't even have to engage in conversation. However, saying