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What are the biggest causes of noise pollution?

6 Aug '2018 Life, Sound

We’re all used to the sounds of everyday life. People talking in their iPhones, the buzzing sounds of people on the streets, pets barking in the middle of the night are all part of that. But when those sounds stop you from sleeping or give you a headache the common noise turns into noise pollution.

Don’t underestimate the effects of serious noise pollution. It can cause high stress, but also hypertension, tinnitus, sleep disturbance and hearing loss. Even when the effects aren’t that serious immediately, it gets you off balance no matter what. It’s important to know the causes of noise pollution to curb it in time.noise pollution

Hammer Drills & Couples Fighting

1. Industrial causes

Everyone knows the feeling of waking up to the sound of a hammer drill. Not exactly the serene start of your day you were hoping for. There’s a reason why workers in factories and industry wear earplugs. Residents in areas neighboring industries or manufacturing facilities report intense sound levels that can damage hearing ability. Industrial towns which are close to residential areas have habitually caused discomfort and nuisance to the residents.

2. Poor urban planning

When you live in a poorly isolated house you know exactly how frustrating living with neighbors can be. Crying babies, couples fighting, dogs barking… it’s as if nothing goes unheard and it can seriously take its toll on your wellbeing.

3. Social events

When there’s an event, most people don’t really consider their environment. There’s lots of chatting, laughter and maybe even signing. That’s all great fun – except when you’re not part of the fun.noise pollution

Peace of Mind

4. Transportation

Honking buses, heavy trucks, airplanes flying over and underground trains al produce intense noise in urban settings. The high noise leads to a situation wherein a normal person loses the ability to hear properly.

5. Household utilities

Though you might not be fully aware of the buzzing of a fridge in the background or the rumbling sound of a washing machine, it’s still there and can unconsciously mess with your peace of mind. Especially when all those utilities are buzzing at the same time.

Since a cabin in the woods might not be for everyone, there aren’t many things you can do to stop that noise pollution. To prevent yourself from going insane, it’s a good idea to protect your ears. That way you take control of how loud the world enters your own world.


Research shows: mindfulness is key to relief tinnitus

The number one thing that makes tinnitus so bad is the fact that there isn’t a cure that makes the condition completely go away. Researches found out though that there are ways to relief the symptoms. Mindfulness seems to be a big one. That’s what new UK research from the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Bath shows. They tested out whether relaxation - or mindfulness therapy would help to reduce the severity of tinnitus. Relaxation-based treatments are often recommended by many tinnitus clinics, but according to this new research, mindfulness is a better way