The Knops D-Day is here: shipping out all remaining pre-orders

7 Dec '2018 Knops

Hi you! It has been a while since our last post. This as we focused our full attention towards perfecting every aspect of Knops as a product and as a company. The ultimate goal: D-Day (Doom Day)! A nickname we lovingly gave to the day that we planned to ship out all remaining pre-orders…

A short recap

Let’s go back a couple of months. Knops production is up and running but we are still facing quite some challenges. The production process of Knops is a complex one. Knops as a product is a new, innovative product that consists of a lot of different, small components. Also, setting up a completely new production process where we work together with a lot of different partners was very challenging. We were finding it hard to bring structure and improvements to the company whilst also producing and shipping Knops. So we made a tough decision…

We decided that we had to take our time to really set up the perfect production process and shipping cycle. This didn’t mean completely halting the production and shipping of Knops but also taking the time to really improve all these different aspects of production and shipping. This is why we set ourselves a realistic challenge: shipping all our pre-orders before the end of 2018. A date was chosen: December 10th. A date we lovingly nicknamed Doom Day (or D-Day).

The day has come!

Why was this such a challenge? Firstly, because this includes near to 5.000 pairs of Knops. These Knops don’t only have to be produced, they also have to be packaged and shipped. We had to be sure that we had all the needed materials in the right place at the right time. And that all our partners were perfectly equipped to handle all these materials. A lot of planning and organization!

But, we set our mind to this task and are now very happy and proud to announce that our goal will be met! From December 10 to December 19 all pre-orders will be shipped. We will start shipping the orders that are furthest away from our production facility in the Netherlands first. We are hoping that shipping orders to backers living further away first will result in everyone receiving their Knops before Christmas and so in 2018!

So, what’s next?

This means that everyone will receive a notification with a track and trace that their order is shipped within the coming two weeks. Now we can direct our efforts to the future of Knops. Fulfilling our dream of making a stylish hearing solution accessible to everyone, everywhere. To give you full control over the sounds that surround you.

We want to give a very loud shout out to our pre-order backers for being with us from the start. For keeping us focused and motivated. And for their patience, of course! We are very much looking forward to hearing what you guys think about our product and are always happy to answer your questions. Just hit us up!

Knops webshop

Great news: the Knops webshop is open once again!

What a week it has been here at Knops, and we mean that in a good way! At the beginning of the week, we had happy news to share regarding D-Day. Now we have more great news for you guys... The moment we have all been looking out for has come. We are once again opening the Knops webshop! But why did we close the webshop in the first place? A great succesWell, we have shared before that we were a bit overwhelmed by the great success of our campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Thousands of orders were placed without