Dorm room etiquette

Dorm room etiquette: 13 rules for the dorm gentle(wo)man

26 Sep '2017 Life

We love to travel. Exploring the world’s beauty whilst meeting new, interesting people, let’s go. But, traveling is not all roses. When traveling on a budget, for example, it is hard not to sleep in dorm rooms. And these nights aren’t always comfortable and full of sleep. That is why we propose a dorm room etiquette. Just to make everyone’s life a bit easier.

1. Just say hello

Let’s start with common decency: giving someone a (warm) welcome when they enter your dorm. Especially when that someone has just arrived. You don’t even have to engage in conversation. However, saying hi and introducing yourself comes a whole way. And might come out handy if you have some kind of (small) problem with that person later on. You are going to sleep in the same room as that person…


2. Engage others

For a lot of travelers, there are two reasons to sleep in dorm rooms: they are cheap and a nice way of meeting people. So, if you are with a Dutch friend and there is an English person there, switch to English. Who knows, that English person might become your new best friend. And it is a horrible feeling to be excluded from others just because they choose not to speak your common tongue!

3. Clean up your stuff

Some people use a dorm room as their own room. They spread all their (dirty) clothes all over the place. Dirty undies, yuck! The same goes for their wet trekking clothes or the wet clothes they just washed under the shower. Your bunk bed has suddenly been turned into a washing line. Not cool.

Dorm room etiquette

4. Pack your stuff before you leave

Sometimes you have to grab an early bus or late flight. There are few things as irritating, as someone rummaging around all their plastic bags at 5.00 o’clock in the morning. Packing the night before can save a lot of irritation.

5. Turn of the light

This is another sore point. Sometimes someone wants to go to sleep at 9.00 o’clock at night. However, just turning off the light is not the way to go. Try and discuss with others why you want to go to sleep and if that is ok. The same goes for entering a dark room. Always have a look if no one is kipping, as being awakened by a sudden blast of light is far from pleasant.

Dorm room etiquette

6. Use headphones

Some people decide to watch a movie or listen to music at night. No problem. However, use your headphones, please. No reason to have us all join the movie that we cannot even watch. And when wearing headphones, try and keep the volume down a bit also. Otherwise, you can still hear every shot fired in that intense action movie.

7. No phones!

Ok, you have a phone. However, set it on silent. Those beeps at 2.00 o’clock in the morning from your family from the other side of the world can really keep others up. And the same goes for someone having an entertaining phone call with their bestie. It is strange how annoying a telephone conversation can be! 😉


8. Snoring

Man, this is always an issue. Especially because you can’t really act against a person that snores, especially when you don’t know him/her. It isn’t exactly his/her fault. The best solution is for the snorer to warn everyone before hitting the sack and telling them they can give him a shove when snoring occurs. That normally helps. And for yourself, a pair of earplugs help.

9. Can’t touch this

This is a big one. We have had people borrowing our shampoo and chargers and even stealing our clothes in dorm rooms. Of course, try and make sure that your stuff (at least things like your technologies and passport) is locked away. However, when you are for example charging your speaker during the night, nothing is worse than someone unplugging it during the night to charge their own stuff. And trust me, it happens a lot!


10. No food and drink, please!

This is sort of an extension of keeping your stuff clean. Because, with food and drinks, comes mess. And smells. And animals. And whatever! So, the best way to avoid fizzy drinks spilled over someone’s bag or food on the floor is eating and drinking outside of the room.

11. Coming in at night

Some people have a hard time thinking about others. It has happened a couple of times that I have been awakened at 3.00 o’clock in the morning by some roommates. And to be honest, I have done it to other people once or twice also. We all know the number one reason: drinking. So, we all know it is hard, but please think about the non-party people in your room and keep it down when you come back late at night.

12. Don’t make love or war

Yes, of course, making love is still better than war. And if you are single, the chance is you will encounter someone from the same or opposite sex you would like to jump in the sack with. However, find another sack than your dorm bed with an audience of about ten people!

13. Farts, burps, and smells

Some people can truly not be worried about the smells they create. Dirty socks, loud burps, and hefty farts, we have heard, seen and smelt them all. Keep them in or at least go to the bathroom to get them out of the way.

Dorm room etiquette

Respect the dorm room etiquette

As you can see, there are quite some irritations when sleeping in dorms. And this is why the dorm room etiquette is so hardly needed. However, when people do not obey the etiquettes, then there are always some ways to help you have a nice stay in a dorm. For one, earplugs are a must. We propose our own Knops: the volume button for your ear.

With four settings you can filter out all kinds of noises, from people to music and more. Want to check them out for yourself? Take a peek at our webshop. Another essential is a pair of eyeshades. Together with the dorm room etiquette, they will save you a lot of irritation and sleepless nights!

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