Shades of comfort: why earplugs are the new sunglasses

24 Oct '2017 Life

Why earplugs are the new sunglasses

Do you love covering your eyes with a good looking pair of sunnies? This might sound weird, but chances are that your ears are next. Very flexible and in style, too.

It’s about 100 years ago, that sunglasses became a commonly used item. First used by movie stars, they soon became a fashion item. But now we can’t imagine a life without these visual lifesavers. They protect our eyes against the harsh light of the sun ánd the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays that can cause skin cancer.

Fashion Item

And now it’s so extremely normal and fashionable to protect your eyes, it will not take long before protecting your ears can be just as common and stylish. Because nowadays, there are more and more brands that make ear protection not only comfortable but good looking, too. The earplug as a fashion item.

Light and strong

Just like your ears, your eyes need different shades of comfort. On a mild day you want sunnies for a small amount of filtering, not too dark, to help you see best. But with a heavy hangover, you need something stronger, like the coffee you’re craving. And when you are hiking in the mountains or skiing you need extra strong protection shades.

In the snow, you need more protection for your eyes

skiing in the sun gogglesWhat if you had one pair of sunglasses that you could adapt to light intensity, giving you the chance to change the amount of filtering when needed. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

And what if we told you such a great gadget for your ears does exist, and it looked great too, would you believe us? Meet Knops, the volume button for your ears. Hearing protection with 3 grades of protection. From hearing every whisper to full coverage in seconds. The perfect sunglasses for your ears.
Being safe never looked this good before.

Hearing damage: the main causes and how to prevent them

What did you say? Can you repeat that?  Hearing damage is a real handicap in our times that are full of music, noise, and sounds. What are the main factors that cause our ears to malfunction? Hearing damage: the main causesNot being able to follow conversations at crowded places? Or got one ear functioning way less than the other, a constant beep: hearing damage can come in different forms and ways.  Technically, hearing damage can be a result of a mechanical defect in the audial channel, that blocks the transmission of sounds. It can also be caused by damage to