Introducing the Knops Eco and better pricing, the next step in our Knops mission!

30 Mar '2020 Knops

O, how time flies when you’re having fun and doing what you love! We can’t believe how quickly the last years have passed by. From coming up with the idea of Knops, setting up very successful crowdfunding campaigns and shipping thousands of Knops. We have been able to realize our main mission and belief, that everybody should be able to live in a world without hearing trauma and stress, with your help. However, with this mission in our minds and justifying everything we do, our work is not done!

Analyzing and optimizing

With Knops, we introduced the volume button for your ears. An adjustable hearing solution that can help you adjust surrounding sounds to your liking. Always, everywhere! But that doesn’t mean our job here is done. With our mission to make this solution available to as many people as possible, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve Knops. To constantly analyze and optimize every aspect of Knops. This results in the following great news: the introduction of Knops Eco, a more affordable Knops product and the possibility to offer the current Knops products for a cheaper price.

Knops price reductions

The first challenge the Knops team had to overcome, was setting up a completely new production cycle. Where Knops consists of about 40 components, we had to find all the right materials, machines, and partners, and start setting up testing procedures, quality checks, work structures and more. From the end of 2018 and onwards, we started producing a lot of high-quality Knops every month and our production cycle was up and running to our standards.

The second challenge is to keep analyzing and optimizing this production cycle. Over the last year, we have continuously evaluated the 8 steps of our production cycle (molds, assembly & treatment, welding, debarring, stainless steel rings, testing, packaging, and our final products) and innovated in each of these 8 steps. Interested in what these innovations are? Follow us on Instagram, we’ll be sharing these cool innovations over the coming months.

Okidoki, so where does that leave us? Well, we are able to reduce all the pricing on current Knops products by 30%! This means that the following prices are now applicable and will stay this way for the foreseeable future:

  1. Knops Original – €59,50
  2. Knops Knurled – €69,50
  3. Knops Gold – €87,50

Knops Eco

But there is more! Knops customers and interested consumers get in touch with us daily. We love those moments of feedback as they are incredibly valuable for us. They inspire us to keep challenging ourselves on how to improve Knops.

One of the things we hear is that people love (the idea of) Knops but can’t always afford them. With the price reduction, we tackle this problem in part. However, we wanted to go further. This is why we introduce a new product: the Knops Eco.

The Knops Eco line consists of the same quality products containing the same high-quality materials and is up to our Knops standards. However, the Eco line is a more sustainable product for the environment and your wallet!

The Eco line consists of Knops (Original, Knurled and Gold) with silicon foam tips attached in the soft case (see image above) and a manual. The comply foam tips (which you can more information about here) are not included and the Eco line is also not shipped in the three-part white Knops outer hard case (see image underneath).

Knops Packaging Design

We have designed a completely new outer package that enables us to ship your Knops as a standard mail as a letterbox package. Apart from the fact that this enables cheaper shipping, in most of the countries, they fit through the mailbox. This means you don’t have to be/stay at home to receive your Knops! Check out the Eco packaging under the Eco pricing table

So, what does this mean for pricing? Well, these are the prices that we will be practicing for our Knops Eco line (not including shipping costs, which will be €3 for the Netherlands, €6 for Europe and €12 for the rest of the world):

  1. Knops Eco Original – €34,50
  2. Knops Eco Knurled – €44,50
  3. Knops Eco Gold – €62,50

Spread the word

We are very proud to be able to share all this great news with you guys. As said before, all we want is to offer control of surrounding sounds to as many people as possible. With our reduced pricing and the Knops Eco line, we are doubling down on this mission. And we would be very thankful if you could share this message with the people around you so they can also put a stop to hearing trauma and stress.