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Introverts resist three types of noise

25 Jun '2018 Sound

Introverts love music like everybody else does. They also love to engage in good conversation. What they don’t love though, is these types of noise.

Lots of introverts resist noise. Their tolerance for noise is simply not as great as their counterparts. Let’s have a look which types of noise introverts don’t like and if extraverts do like those types of noise.

Connect with each other

Noise from a conversation

Everybody loves a good conversation. It makes you connect with each other. But some people make an art of talking without really saying something. To introverts, there’s a limit to how much talk they can handle.

Introverts are the ones at the coffee shop who just want to focus on their work. They don’t feel the need to chat with the people next to them all the time. When the person next to you wants to engage in conversation all the time, it bugs you.

That doesn’t mean you’re not social or whatever. You just don’t feel the desire to talk all the time. When you’re at a party or have dinner with your loved ones, you love a good chat. And you can also sit back and enjoy other people chatting with each other. You sense when the other person doesn’t want to reciprocate and respect that. Extraverts are always up for conversation. It’s their way of charging up their batteries.types of noise

On your nerves

Noise, noise

When your kid is playing computer games, there’s music blaring somewhere and people are talking all you hear is… actual noise. All these different types of sounds can be maddening. Some people don’t have any problem reading while there’s music playing and people laughing. Most introverts, though, prefer some white noise in the background. A blaring television gets your nerves when you need to concentrate.

Noise from crowds

Extraverts get excited when they hear loud pubs and sporting events. The extrovert is attracted to sounds like moths to light. Introverts want to run like a cornered animal. When you’re in a loud pub having a conversation you’d rather go somewhere quiet while your extroverted friend is perfectly fine with the noise.

People talking at work are a distraction for the extrovert, but for the introvert it’s impossible to get their work done.types of noise

Three types of noise

Us introverts know that silence calms the minds and nourishes the soul. So sssh… let’s stop and appreciate the silence for a while. Interested in the differences between introverts and extroverts? Here you go!

loud areas

Why it's ok to hate loud areas

Some people come to life when they hear loud music. When they hear a buzzing street or a pumping beat, their hearts start to race. Others also feel a racing heart when confronted with noise, but not in a good way. Some people hate loud areas. If you don’t get a kick out of festivals or clubs, that’s completely ok. It doesn’t mean you’re shy or boring, you’re probably just sensitive to noise (found out here if you are).  When you deal with noise sensitivity the world is just too loud sometimes. The constant buzz and whir of music, technology, the buzzing of