The Adam Toren

The Adam Toren: why we are super proud of our office (building)

1 May '2018 Knops

We have come quite some way since we came up with the idea for Knops in the summer of 2015. One of the big milestones was acquiring an office in one of the coolest buildings in Amsterdam: the Adam Toren.

The Adam Toren

Let’s start with a small introduction to the Adam Toren. We are sure you will be quick to understand why this unique, Amsterdam building is the perfect fit for us.

The Adam Toren was originally built in 1971 by Shell. In 2009, the Royal Dutch Shell company decided to sell the building.  A partnership bought the building, consisting of Sander Groet (shareholder of ID&T and owner of club AIR in Amsterdam), Duncan Stutterheim (founder ID&T and owner of de Westergasfabriek), Hans Brouwer (owner Massive Music) & Lingotto. All big influencers in the Dutch music scene. They decided the building needed a renovation and should be turned into a music hub. The Adam Tower is born. A fun fact: Adam also stands for ‘Amsterdam Dance and Music’.

More than just music

But the Adam Tower is more than just a music hub. Let us quickly give you an idea of the layout of the Tower. In the basement, in an old world war bunker, you find The Shelter. An awesome club with insane parties. On the ground floor, you can find The Butcher with tasty burgers and other meat dishes. The first- until the eight-floor houses a hotel named Sir. From the eight- until the sixteenth-floor, you can find all kinds of offices (and yes, also ours)! The rest of the floors up and until the 21st, house various restaurants, bars, and party areas. Sick, right?!

With this splendid variation, the Adam Tower offers cool things to do for everyone. Whether you like music, food, drinks, sleeping, partying or something else, you are sure to find it at the Adam Tower.  The building is worth a visit just because of its beautiful architecture alone!The Adam TorenThe four developers of the Tower see themselves as more than property developers. They see themselves as creative placemakers. And that is where we came in. Office spots were offered to us at Knops, as our product is a great addition to the music industry and our company is a great addition to the Toren. And now that we are starting the producing of Knops and will start shipping in May, that contribution will be only larger.

We would love for you to come by our office and check out the Adam Toren. So, whenever you are in the neighborhood let us know. Our door on the eighth floor is always open.

Little known, awesome ways sound affect us (and our brain)

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