Break out the champagne: Knops has started production and shipping

24 May '2018 Knops

Yes, the moment that we have been working to for such a long time is here. Today, we can finally give you the news that you have been waiting for. We have done it: production has started and the first Knops-orders have been sent out!

Ain’t no pain like champagne

Yep, grab the glasses and the bottles, because we definitely have a reason to celebrate. It has been quite a ride, but with us starting production and sending out the first orders, our road has taken a new turn. However, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we think we are done.


Optimizing and iterating

For the last couple of months, you have heard us talking a lot about needing to iterate our product and having to optimize the production of Knops. An example is the minor but numerous adjustments that we had to do to our welding machines in order to minimalize the fault margin. Now that we have started production, this process should be over, right? Wrong!

In order to produce as many Knops that are in a perfect state in the least time possible, we are still improving our production process. For example, we have acquired another welding machine that will arrive in a week or two. This will more than double the number of Knops that we can produce daily. And Arjen- and Richard de Jong, our engineers, are always innovating and improving our production process.

So, today was a happy day. And a busy one, as we have already sent out our first Knops to our very first backers. We will be sharing a shipping list within two weeks when the second welding machine has arrived. In this list, you will all find when your pair of Knops will be delivered.

We thank you once again for your support. You are the number one reason that we made Knops and were able to turn our product into reality. Without you, our ideas would have never been turned into Knops. Thank you a million times!

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