Our Knops webshop is now live

29 Sep '2017 Knops

Time flies. It is almost five months ago since we started our Kickstarter campaign. And what a succes that was. Together with our Indiegogo campaign we raised near to half a million dollars! Thank you again for all the love. But a successful campaign doesn’t mean that we can kick back and relax. We are busier than ever, for example with our Knops webshop.

And of course, we have been busy over the last couple of months also. In August we were happy to show you the new prototypes of Knops. They look stunning, right? The same goes for the molds that have been ordered and our visit to all the machines this September that we will be using to manufacture your pair of Knops.

Knops webshop

The volume button for your ears

All of that to make our dream, the first ever non-battery, adjustable hearing solution to reduce noise, come true. But, this wasn’t enough. In order to make Knops more accessible for you, we had to work on our website.

For the last couple of days, we have been working very hard on the optimization of our website. We couldn’t wait to launch our webshop. Why? Because with our own webshop we can offer you other payments methods than Kickstarter and Indiegogo do. So, aren’t you in the possession of a credit card, then this is your lucky day. You can now pre-order your Knops and pay with iDeal and Paypal.

Knops webshop

Check out the Knops webshop now

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our webshop to pre-order your pair of Knops. The options and pricing are the same as on Indiegogo and we expect to deliver your pair of Knops in November.

coffee shop

5 tips for working from a coffee shop

From time to time it’s a good thing to work at different places than your grey, airconditioned office. It is refreshing to work in a new environment. To be at it’s most creative, your brain needs variation. In space, in light, in people. Working from home every once in a while is a starter, but you’ll probably get more work done when you work from a public workspace or from a coffee shop. We’ve collected 5 tips to create the most productive workday at a coffee bar. 1. Treat yourself Since you’re not working from the office, you don’t have