Knops webshop

Great news: the Knops webshop is open once again!

21 Dec '2018 Knops

What a week it has been here at Knops, and we mean that in a good way! At the beginning of the week, we had happy news to share regarding D-Day. Now we have more great news for you guys…

The moment we have all been looking out for has come. We are once again opening the Knops webshop! But why did we close the webshop in the first place?

A great succes

Well, we have shared before that we were a bit overwhelmed by the great success of our campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Thousands of orders were placed without us actually having a production process and a physical product (as it goes with Kickstarter projects). With a lot of energy and enthusiasm, we set to the task of setting this up.

However, with new orders being placed every day, it was hard for us to prioritize. We needed some time to set up the perfect production process and optimizing the structures within Knops as an organization. That is why we decided to temporarily close our webshop.

Focus, focus, focus!

We decided that our main focus had to be getting all the pre-orders out first. That is why we selected a day that we would start shipping all remaining pre-orders: D-day (read more about D-Day here)! We took the time remaining until D-Day to improve our product and production process, and to make all the needed preparations to deliver all remaining pre-orders of course!

With D-Day behind us, we now feel confident that we can reopen the webshop. We are at this very moment shipping the last couple of pre-orders and have enough stock to deliver Knops right now to you guys. The perfect time to reopen our webshop, right?Now, there should only be one question left in your mind to be answered: when is the Knops webshop going to open? We have a date for you: today (the 21st of December). This means you can start ordering Knops again right now!

But it gets even better. If you order today, we can deliver Knops to people that live in the Netherlands by tomorrow. And if you live outside of the Netherlands, we’ll at the least ship your order a day after you placed it! So what are you waiting for?

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