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Where are the loudest places in the world?

19 Sep '2017 Life

Here at Knops we love silence. It helps you relax and concentrate. However, we also love ‘noise’. For example, we love music. Or the rush and energy of the city. But, where can you find the loudest places on earth?

We have selected a couple of places in the world where you will encounter the loudest noises on Earth. So, whenever you plan to visit one of these places, make sure you wear protection! 😉

4. A football stadium

You may not always notice how loud a football stadium is, until you try and talk to your neighbour. Yes, that is quite impossible. For this reason it might not come as a surprise for you that (football) stadiums are one of the loudest places on the world. The Seattle Seahawks Stadium measured at 136.6 dB’s, wow!

loudest places

3. A Formule 1 cockpit

If you love noise (and speed), being the driver of a Formula 1 car is your dream job. However, you really do need ear protection when driving one of them. Noise-levels up to 140 dB’s are measured in a Formula 1 cockpit.

loudest places

2. Airplanes and rockets

However, it could be worse. Try sticking your head in the engines of a jet plane taking off. That would expose you to 150 dB’s! Of course, it would be quite hard to actually accomplish this.

loudest places

1. A gun range

And the winner is… A gun range. A gun firing can create noise up to 175 dB’s. As you may have guessed, exposing your ears to these levels of noise is very harmful. No wonder my uncles can’t hear a thing. They have been shooting their whole life and didn’t bother with ear protection when they were young. Lucky you and me know better. 😉

loudest places

Bonus: the loudest cities in the world

Yes, as you may have guessed, cities can be very loud too. Trains coming by, ambulances with loud sirens and parties; you can find noises up to 120 dB’s here.

And then the big question: which city is the loudest? Well, India’s Mumbai and Kolkata are number 1 and 2 on the list due to the number of firecrackers that are being lit there. The loudest city in the USA? You got it right, New York City!

loudest places

The loudest places? Peace, please!

But, the world isn’t only full of sounds. Earlier, we wrote an article on the most quiet places on Earth. These are great places to put on your bucket list if you love silence. Or just get you a pair of Knops, that is also a great way of living in silence.

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