Misophonia test: this is how you know you’re struggling with this condition

23 Jul '2018 Life, Misophonia

Misophonia is the condition where you get extremely bothered, anxious or angry by certain sounds. Suspect you might be suffering from this? Take this misophonia test to know for sure. 

Misophonia is triggered by everyday sounds. It can be someone eating an apple, loud music through a wall or machinery sounds. Decide for yourself how much the subjoined situations would annoy you.

Take the misophonia test

1. You’re having dinner with family and someone is eating with his mouth open, making a chomping noise.

A) Doesn’t bother me at all.

B) It’s slightly annoying but not a big deal. 

C) You need to leave the room immediately. 

2. You’re in a waiting room. A baby won’t stop crying. You think:

A) Ahh, the poor thing. 

B) It’s what it is. 

C) It’s probably a cute baby but that noise feels like it’s produced by the devil himself. 

3. You’re in a meeting. The person sitting across from you is tapping their pen on the table. 

A) Tap away!

B) Could be worse.

C) You’re THIS close to grabbing that pen out of his chubby hands and throwing it ‘round the room. 

4. In that same meeting, the person next to you is slurping her coffee. 

A) Ah, coffee. You’d need some too. 

B) Weird. 

C) This should be considered a crime and you can’t promise that hot coffee isn’t going to end in her lap.misophonia test

5. You’re working at your desk. People next to you are talking and laughing.

A) Do whatever they want, nothing gets you out of your workflow.
B) This is fine… everything is fine…
C) It’s impossible to work and your on the verge of making a dramatic scene.

6. There’s traffic on the street outside your home. Cars are honking at each other.

A) You live nearby a street; you’re used to it.
B) You just turn up the tv a bit louder.
C) This is noise pollution and you’d definitely contact parks and recreation but not before you’ve finished your Twitter rant.

7. You’re listening to a podcast. You can hear the voice of the host is dry and actually hear his spit crackling in their mouth.

A) You don’t care about the voice, you’re curious about the subject.
B) The audio could’ve been better, but you don’t really mind.
C) You turn off the podcast immediately and feel like taking a shower to wash the dirt off.misophonia test

You’ve guessed it whilst making the misophonia test: if you answered mostly A, you’re probably the most chill person on earth. Mostly B? Still quite chill, though certain sounds definitely bother you. You’ve answered mostly C and even a bit out of balance by even thinking about the aforementioned situations? Yep: big chance you’re dealing with misophonia. Check out here what you can do to make living with this condition a bit lighter.