New Prototypes of Knops Have Arrived

17 Aug '2017 Knops

The last couple of months we’ve been very busy with production and engineering. We made improvements to the shape of the product and based on that we now have new prototypes!

In our previous update (we shared on Kickstarter/Indiegogo) on June 13th, we informed our backers about finalizing the engineering of Knops. In the photos below you can see the new prototypes, based on the improvements we made on the engineering part. The ergonomics of the housing have been updated and has now a more slim body, ensuring that the comfort is increased and the fit is nice, snug and slim. The parting lines in the final product will not be as visible as in this new prototype. The prototype has a black cone and the body is white, we did this to separate the actual product from the prototypes.

In the center of the photo, you see the new prototypes.

The body is slim in comparison to the previous prototype.

On the left, you see the old prototype and on the right the new one (slim body).

The ring of the new prototype (right) is thinner than the old one (left).

Somewhere within the next two weeks, we will have a new update about the production of Knops!