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Goodbye medication, hello sound! Is noise the ‘cure’ for ADHD?

8 Jun '2018 Life

We live in a word full of noises and distractions. Let’s take work as an example. People talking on the phone, having conversations, music playing, doors slamming. An environment like that can be a reel focus-killer, especially for people with ADHD. Or not? Regarding focus, research has shown that noise can really help people with ADHD. Could it even be a cure for ADHD?

Focusing on one task is hard for people with ADHD. Whilst typing an email three other thoughts can pop into their head. We don’t say that is a bad thing. Quite some studies have concluded that people with ADHD have fewer constraints and thus can be more creative, for example. However, recent research has concluded that sound can be a way to help people with ADHD focus. The best of two worlds, right?cure for ADHD

A cure for ADHD?

As an ADHD coach explains, the ADHD brain is always on the lookout for something more stimulating than what it’s doing at the moment. Constantly having stimuli in the form of noise around you doesn’t sound like a good way to help the ADHD brain focus, right? Wrong!

At least, that is what this study concludes. The study investigated performance problems that people with ADHD suffer from, such as focusing and concentration. The researchers had people with ADHD listen to white noise. A sound that can be compared to the constant sound of say a vacuum cleaner. Then the researchers had them perform three cognitive tests.

From these test, they performed better on two of the three tests. And all of that by just having the test subjects with ADHD listening to a constant sound. However, what might be the most interesting result, is that these positive effects were not found with people using medication. Yep, in this study, taking pills like Ritalin did not result in better concentration levels!

  cure for ADHD

So, what now? Well, we don’t want you to flush all your pills down the toilet just because of this study. Everybody is unique and what works for one person can be different for another. It is a good idea though to try and find out for yourself if white noise can help you focus. So alas, saying noise is a cure for ADHD is an overstatement. Still, for some, sound is proven to be a good means of helping you focus better and getting more out of your life.

And what is the link with Knops? Well, this study shows that a constant, white noise can help people focus better. With Knops, you can filter out surrounding sounds to a constant level that you can enjoy. People have said that this helps them focus also. So maybe listening to white noise and having Knops in your ears could double the effect! 😉

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