phonophobia treatment

Phonophobia treatment: how to deal when sudden sounds fill you with anxiety

6 Aug '2018 Life

Phonophobia stands for the fear of sudden loud sounds. To normal people, sudden loud noises cause just a slight, temporarily panic. Like when the alarm of your clock suddenly goes off or when someone is honking their car. Others just can’t overcome that sudden noise. They just can’t act properly to the situation. As a reaction to that, they constantly anticipate to the noise that might be coming. Is there a phonophobia treatment?treatment phonophobia

Relief the fear

It can be quite hard to live with this phobia, but the goods news is that there are treatments to relieve the fear (a bit). Since phonophobia is a fear and not a medical condition, you should look for the cure in therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy, for example, helps you face your fear. In CBT you’ll be confronted with your fear in controlled circumstances to help you learn to cope. 

Another option is counseling sessions with a therapist to help you understand the origin of your fears. There are also different kinds of self-help techniques to get you through it. Hypnotherapy, muscle relaxation and support groups all help you learn the best ways to face your fears. 

A phonophobia treatment: don’t be captivated

The aim of these treatments is to help you manage your fear so you won’t be captivated by it. Do not run away from your phobia or loud noises. Try to face them instead of avoiding them. Talk about it with your friends and family so they know what’s going on and can offer you the support you need. Support groups are also great. Meeting people who exactly understand what you’re going through will be comforting. They can also offer you different strategies to cope with phonophobia.

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Toddlers can be little drama queens. They throw themselves on the floor in the middle of the supermarket, they can act as if their whole world collapses when you refuse to give them candy and a discussion about bedtime easily escalates into World War III. But how then do you recognize the highly sensitive child? There’s an essential difference between kids just being kids and kids being more sensitive than usual. Some children get more overwhelmed by the world than others. They experience everything more intensely and need more time to process everything. That can be quite challenging for parents. Knowing