How silence can help you find focus at work

14 Apr '2017 Knops

Are you having trouble focussing at work? Maybe because colleagues always have tons of questions for you, or because you work in an open office and noises disturb your concentration all the freakin’ time? Some days it can be really hard to get work done because of distracting sounds. If only there was something like a volume button for your ears to tune down those annoying noises…

Open offices are intended to encourage creativity and collaboration. But experience shows us that working in an office like that, also brings on a lot of distraction. Coworkers having a conversation, devices like printers or airco-systems, someone coughing, a slamming door, an ambulance outside or even your own music can disturb your concentration and make it hard to find your focus again.

The more decibels, the less concentration. Luckily office noise is not commonly damaging for your ears, but it still can be very unpleasant. More and more researches show that sound pollution has this negative effect on focus, but it also can cause headaches, fatigue and tension in the body.

Finding focus

So background noise can disrupt an employee’s flow and have a serious negative effect on performances. When you’re focused and get interrupted, it takes about 20 minutes to get re-focussed. Especially personnel in positions that require a lot of concentration are sensitive to sound pollution, but also many millennials find it very annoying. Studies of Oxford University recently show that young employees appreciate a quiet workspace more than a free lunch.

Silent areas, but also adjusting the office interior can help to rectify acoustics to mute annoying noises or sounds that are too loud. For example: floor covering, curtains, acoustic panels and plants can absorb resounds. Also companies are experimenting with ‘No Talk Thursdays’. For one day (or just a morning) all communication systems are being shut down. Also colleagues are not allowed to ask questions. Could be a nice solution to work in peace for one day, right?

Silence whenever you need it

Still it would be better to work in silence whenever you need it. Can you recall that feeling when you notice total silence? When everybody has left the office after a busy day, or when you start early and your coworkers haven’t arrived yet? You can just feel your body relax and unwind from the daily office buzz.

With Knops we provide that complete silence for you. No distraction from surrounding sounds anymore, but still the opportunity to ‘turn up the volume’ during your lunch break, a phone call or a meeting.

Even everyday sounds can damage your hearing

Yelling in a bar, a passing train, a crying baby: we are surrounded by loud sounds wherever we go. Are daily noises harmful to your ears? And wouldn’t it be great to have a volume button for everyday life? The high piercing sound of an alarm clock kicks off your day. Followed by a blowdryer, the fruit juicer, your dog barking, someone trying to impress you with his Harley Davidson, animated conversations with friends over dinner, a snoring lover, the smoke alarm that accidentally goes off when your midnight pizza gets too crunchy; daily life is full of noisy surprises. And not all