This is what your taste in music says about being introvert vs extrovert

18 Jun '2018 Life

Is your playlist filled with upbeat bangers or are you more into some easy listening or classical tunes? It says more about the nature of your personality than you might think. Let’s dive into music psychology to explain what your music taste can reveal about your personality. Or in this case about the introvert vs extrovert.

Extroverted Folks

It might not surprise you that the extroverted folks are more into dynamic feel-good music. That’s why genres such as soul, electronic, hip-hop, pop and rap appeals most to them. To come to this conclusion researchers asked 100 volunteers to rate 20 unknown tracks. The volunteers who identified as the outgoing type had a natural preference for happy and upbeat music – way more than the other people. Similar research presented in 2005 shows the same results. 145 male and female students from different universities had to fill in a questionnaire to determine their personality type. The ones who had the most extrovert traits once again went for the more rhythmical, upbeat options.introvert

Enjoy in Private

The more introverted, inward-focused people enjoy music that can be fully enjoyed in private. The shy ones see music as a way to look for contemplation and produce a sensory response. The introverts are in touch with their creative side and at ease with their personalities. A recent study in Psych Central also shows that rock- and heavy metal fans are creative and not particularly outgoing. A large portion of these listeners can be classified as introverts. Of course, nothing is set in stone. The wonderful (and incredibly challenging) thing about human psyche is its complexity. Thus, your music preferences are definitely influenced by a lot more than your attitude towards meeting with others and the way in which you handle social encounters.introvert

Introvert vs extrovert

Now, we aren’t saying that one person or personality is better than the other. So, it isn’t really a battle, such as the introvert vs extrovert implies. It is merely interesting how our personality influences what we like to listen to, generally speaking.


Source: Didgeproject 

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When you limit yourself to only one genre, you’re really missing out. Not because there’s so much good music to enjoy, but also because all these different types of music serve a different purpose when it comes to your wellbeing. Let’s break it down.Started from the bottomJazz: relaxes you from the brain down. Downtempo music can cause the brain to synch up with the beat and create alpha brain waves. These kind of waves are present when we’re awake, but relaxed. If you really need to chill out we recommend listening to jazz in combination with nature sounds like waterfalls