The need to control your volume

7 Apr '2017 Life

When we started Knops we came to the conclusion that people need to be able to control their volume. At music concerts, at work, or just during everyday life. We soon realised that sound is dynamic and people in fact would love to control their volume.

Lack of volume adaptabilit

The lack of adaptability struck us while looking at current noise reduction and hearing protection solutions. Our environment is dynamic and not static. This is the same with sound and noise. Sometimes we are exposed to loud and dangerous sounds, other times there is a lot of irritating noise. For example, at a festival, while the music plays you want to lower the sound to protect your hearing. But when the music has a brake and you want to talk to your friends, you want to be able to communicate.

Sometimes you want to lower the noise while still being able to hear others and other times we need to isolate ourselves. For example when you are working in an office and want to focus on your work. You want to reduce environmental noise. But when you need to ask some details from a co-worker, you still want to be able to communicate.

Creating A New Solution

We believe it’s time for a new solution. A hearing solution that is adaptable invites people to use it. How much sound you want to expose yourself to depends on the environment you’re in. Current products only provide a constant sound or noise reduction, while in reality the amount of sound and noise reduction which is needed changes all the time. We believe that the users should be in control of their own volume.

With this in mind, the concept of a volume button was created. In the design process, the idea of controlling volume by twisting a knob stuck out. This way we literally created a volume button for your ears in form, function, and use.

Written by Richard de Jong.

This is why it's important to keep supporting Knops

On April 4 we started our Kickstarter campaign. Our goal at first: collecting 30.000 euros to start the production of the world’s first adjustable analog hearing solution. Within 24 hours we reached this goal and the support we're getting is freakin’ overwhelming. These past weeks business went through the roof. We’re heading towards a funding of 150.000 euros which is insane and beyond anything we could have dreamed of! Last weeks were filled with lots of loving messages, but also a lot of important questions. We found out that the demand for Knops is even bigger than we thought. Besides the interest