These 4 Things In Your House Make You Deaf

16 Mar '2018 Sound

Your home is safe right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong kiddo, your house is dangerous. These four household tools damage your hearing.

While your home is probably the last place on the planet that you see as a dangerous place, there are quite some things in your house that can really harm your hearing. We’re not talking about obvious things like putting the music on your stereo or headphones too loud, no.

The main thing to realize with hearing loss is that it’s about subtlety. Hearing damage is cumulative, so even when there is just a really small damage every time, in the end it really destroys your ears. Of course, you can rupture your eardrums by standing next to a fighter jet taking off, but the four subtle things here are just as dangerous in the end.

4 household appliances

1. Hairdryers
For a lot of people, hair drying is a daily thing to do. But many people also don’t realize how bad it is for your ears. The majority of hairdryers produce sound levels well over 85dB (the level your hearing gets damaged), right next to your ears.

2. Vacuum Cleaners
Unless you are old fashioned and use a broom to dust your house, a vacuum cleaner is something you probably use quite often. Most vacuum cleaners have sound levels around 85 dB, exactly at the dangerous point. Check out how loud yours is, and consider to buy either a new one with lower sound levels or wear earplugs during vacuuming.3. Lawn mowers

Lawn mowers make more noise than traffic. Some can go well over 90 dB, which is dangerous for your ears. A quiet lawn mower is really expensive, so earplugs would probably be a better investment.

4. Blenders

Smoothies are delicious, but did you ever consider the sound level of your blender? Probably not. Most of them are around 100 dB, a level where your hearing gets damaged within 5 minutes.

So what to do now?
All these things are quite easily solvable. Test the sound levels and if they’re too high, consider to buy a new, quieter version or use earplugs during drying your hair/vacuuming your house/mowing your lawn/blending your smoothie.

Do you think you’ll buy a quieter one? Or are earplugs the solution for you? Or, also possible, you don’t give a damn and are going to continue like this? We’re curious, so let us know!

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