4 unmissable tricks to survive an overnight flight

20 Apr '2017 Life

Ok, sitting crammed up in an airplane chair might not be the most comfortable way to spend the night. But hey, it gets you places, the journey feels faster and it saves you a night of accommodation. These tips will help you survive your overnight flight so you’ll sleep like a baby and arrive fresh.

1) Wear soft clothing

Would you wear jeans in bed? Don’t think so. So save your sense of fashion for your destination and make sure to travel in comfy clothing. Nothing too tight or crampy and some layers to put on or peel off to create the ideal temperature. Think sweat pants, leggings, a long sleeve and a soft sweater. Also great: a hoodie to hide in. And make sure the shoes you bring on the plane are easily traded for soft and warm socks. Also, beware that your feet might swell as the hours pass so don’t bring the tightest ones you have unless you can instantly slip on your flip flops after landing.

2) Preparation is everything

Since we want to spend as many hours asleep as possible, it’s good to prepare with that in mind. Maybe sleep a little less the night before, a party is great for that, just make sure you don’t fly with a hangover. Bring a little bottle of water in case you wake up during the night with a mouth made of sandpaper. Eat a light meal before the flight and take it easy on the airplane dinner they will serve you just before the lights go off. Don’t drink coffee or coke, drink just water or maybe a red wine. And skip the dessert if sugar wakes you up. After dinner: go to the bathroom, brush your teeth like you would do at home, put on moisturizer. If you have a hard time falling asleep, a melatonin pill is a natural way of helping you get there.   

3) Bring earplugs

Earplugs, earplugs, earplugs. Did I say earplugs? The white noise of the airplane motor is exhausting enough, add to this other annoying sounds, like crying babies and loudly snoring fellow passengers, and you’ve got yourself a lot of unnecessary noise. Earplugs or noise canceling headphones will help you get a bit of peace and to protect your ears. Knops are perfect since they give you the opportunity to switch silence levels. Put them on max when you want a rest, change to a lesser filter in case you want a little talk with the flight attendant, or want to hear the captain’s announcements.

4) Make your ‘bed’  

When you’re not flying business class, there’s not much to expect from the chair. Pick a window seat, so you won’t get disturbed by others and turn it into something bed-like. Bring soft stuff like a vest or jacket to put between you and the -closed- window, and, very essential: a travel pillow – not the inflatable one, a real one. Put that around your neck and use the one the airline provides you for your lower back. Put your seat back, dive underneath your blanket and curl up. Choose a very boring movie or even better: bring a book and read. Plug in your Knops, switch off the sound. A thin scarf is great to put over your head too. Have your eye mask ready and give in to the first sense of slumber you feel and dive deep into the world of sleep. 

Sweet dreams!

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