Why it’s better to wear earplugs at a concert

3 Apr '2017 Life

If you’ve been to a music concert lately you probably noticed someone wearing earplugs. More and more people realise how important it is to protect your hearing, although there are still lots of people who don’t.

Something not many people are aware of, is the fact that loud noises can damage your hearing permanently. Noise-inducted hearing loss (NIHL) is very common. Each time you expose yourself to loud sounds, you are putting your hearing at risk.

Hearing loss growing under young people

The World Health Organization researched hearing loss among young people. They concluded that 1,1 billion young people (aged 12-35 years) are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to noise in recreational settings. Numbers don’t lie, it’s very important to raise awareness for this problem and communicate solutions.

The danger of hearing loss

In many occasions you won’t notice hearing troubles immediately. Of course, there are examples of acute hearing loss, but for most people it’s not. We’ve all been there. Having a nice evening with a lot of loud music and chatter, and the next morning you experience ‘ringing ears’. If you give your ears some rest the ringing will go away, but if you keep exposing yourself to loud music without protection you’ll risk the fact that the ringing stays. This could be the beginning stage of tinnitus. The danger with this type of hearing loss is that it’s irreversible, the damage that’s done won’t heal. Although people do research everyday to find a solution to solve this, this is no reality yet.

By now you probably convinced that hearing protection is no luxury and is a must to protect your ears (If not, you should re-read this article :P). We all love music, whether you enjoy it at a concert or festival or while traveling using your headphones. Therefore it’s so important to value your hearing and take care of it for the long run. You definitely want to enjoy music whole your life, so take care of it while you still can.

So, what are the options to protect my hearing?

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to ear protection. To name a few: you can try Thunderplugs, Isolate or Alpine. These earplugs give you the protection you need, so you can enjoy the music safely. The more advanced option are our very own Knops, which give you the opportunity to protect your ears in all kinds of different situations. We hope that after reading this you’ll at least consider wearing earplugs to your next event. Enjoy the music and protect your ears!

Ear protection as a style product

We know it's hard to imagine that ear protection can be a style product. Most earplugs are designed in a way that they don’t draw too much attention. You can even find earplugs transparent or in skin color, giving the image that you don't want to be seen with them. But isn’t style important, especially when it comes to ear protection? Isn’t it time for a new approach in designing ear protection? Ear protection and visibility When it comes to hearing protection it’s often something people don’t want to be seen with. Although this is changing the last couple of years, somehow wearing