Knops is the first analog adjustable hearing solution.

We started this journey two years ago because we want to enable people to control their volume. Knops is a hearing solution that is adaptable to every situation, and that also looks good. We want you to be in control, protect your ears and enjoy real world sounds with acoustics, no electronics.


10/15 – Founded the company.
1/17 – Knops registered as a company.
4/17 – Knops on Kickstarter.

Latest announcement: Knops

When: Tuesday, April 4th @ 9am (Europe, Amsterdam)

What are we announcing: Knops


  • Knops: A analog acoustic hearing solution. People can use Knops is many different situations.


Who Is This For: Everyone who attends festivals and concerts, works in offices and flex/co-working spaces and lives in the city. Everyday people are exposed to loud sounds and music, Knops provides a solution to control environment noise. Our product contains four positions in which people can adjust the volume of their environment.

Why This Announcement Matters: A product like Knops is new and is never done this way. We are introducing the first, high quality acoustic adjustable hearing solution.

Where: Added To Our Kickstarter Project. Starts shipping in September.

Campaign URL:

Why Kickstarter: We believe that crowdfunding is a great way to get customer feedback and validation before taking the next step in bring these products to market. In this way we can start manufacturing knowing that people want our product. Kickstarter is an amazing community of people that are willing to support projects and bringing them to live.


Knops is a hearing solution that is adaptable in four positions, and works in many different situations. It’s an analog acoustic hearing solution, so no batteries needed and no electronics involved.  Protect your ears in style, work in style.

Price: €50/60 early bird / €70/80 normal price

Colors: White with Stainless Steel Ring, Black with Stainless Steel Ring, White with Knurled Stainless Steel Ring,Black with Knurled Stainless Steel Ring, White with Gold Plated Ring, Black with Gold Plated Ring